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Oh Diya! You always exceed my expectations!! Simply LOVE my  Nalini!! ❤  Beautiful craftsmanship and unique look as always! And the frosted areas on the lotuses keep it from being too bright of a gold- makes them look so classy! So glad I went with the choker. Love that you gave me the option to return if it was uncomfortable. I am so NOT returning it though! It is not at all uncomfortable. Looks great when worn, and if I use the last ring in the extender I can wear it with the pendant just below my collar bone giving it a different look.
Thank you so much!! And look forward to owning more Ruhh in the future!!

~ Ashna, New Jersey

I came home tired last evening. The usps box was kept near the door. I opened it, but wasn’t prepared for what lay inside. It simply spelt class. The lovely perfume filled the box.  Diya, I am so thrilled. These are simply drop dead earrings. I am so happy I got them. I can’t sop to say how beautiful it is. The craftsmanship is beyond compare. What was more amazing was the care and love that you took to pack them. I am an avid online shopper, but rarely do I see the love that goes into ones creation, down to the smallest detail. The artist in you is so evident. What’s more is the honesty with which you deal with your clients. That touches ones heart. I have become a true blue fan of RuHH. Love you and your Ruhh for bringing a smile midweek.

~ Shalini Nair, Maryland

Got my parcel with the lovely hand made drops in it. Simply loved it Diya. Your work has always been unique. Always in love with them. Thanks for the lovelies!!

~ Nisupta Bhattacharya, India

Nalini crossed the oceans and came into Asia, and absolutely bowled me over!! Stunning craftsmanship!! …… and I wondered what the beautiful aroma was as I was opening the package,till I was surprised with the gift of handcrafted soap from Lavanya. 

~ Sandhya Nemalli, Singapore

Dear Diya, I just received my Nalini set. It is exquisite. Crafted with an eye for detail and it shows your passion as an artist. The packaging and the gift you sent made my heart melt. It is always these small loving gestures of yours that I wait for every time I order. Thank you. Keep creating masterpieces for the world.

 ~ Manjari Chowdhury,  PA

Jewelry by RuHH is an amazing jewelry boutique by Diya Sen. The collections are very unique and contemporary which can go easily with both Eastern and Eastern attire. I have gotten a heavy necklace from her amazing collections and I am very satisfied with it. All throughout the process, she was very responsive and looked after and even customized a little for my need. Overall, I would say she is an excellent artisan with a unique jewelry boutique.

 ~ Tanzina Nasreen ,  LA

RuHH is a style statement. With elegant and slick designs, this brand creates pieces which can be worn either traditionally  or in contemporary ways. I particularly like its subtlety with which RuHH sets become unique in its own ways. I also love the care with which I’m served when placing an order for a particular set or requesting some customization. It is a delightful experience starting from browsing through ordering thru receiving a beautiful piece of jewelry. I’d definitely recommend this brand to others and will be coming back for new updates and owning more of RuHH.

 ~ Rima Chatterjee ,  San Diego

I started buying RuHH jewelry around mid-2017 and I have not looked back since then. I started out playing it safe with stunning yet traditional Nalini collection. However, I quickly learned that there is something utterly dramatic even with the traditional Nalini sets I picked. As I got to know Diya more, I gathered enough courage to try out some stunning statement RuHH pieces. Before trying out RuHH, I was not savvy enough to mix and match the right accessories with sarees. So, I used to play it safe, i.e., stay away from drama of any kind. Now, I crave the drama RuHH jewelry pieces create and the attention they get.
Working with Diya on some of my latest neck pieces has been phenomenal. Diya hears you out and then suggests a few ideas that she thinks would work. She is always very patient, open to hear your opinions and takes them into account as well. Therefore, by the time your statement piece is ready, it already has a story behind it. You feel like it is something you created with Diya – so a sense of attachment forms quickly. Truth is you often go back to what Diya suggested initially after numerous back and forth and you do it willingly without any pressure from her. That’s why by the time you get a custom-made RuHH jewelry, you know you are one hundred percent satisfied with the setting. No second thoughts whatsoever.
Diya is a thorough professional. Customer satisfaction is of utmost priority to her. She never compromises on quality and is totally transparent with her customers. She gives you her total attention when she is working with you. Cherry on the top is that the RuHH jewelry arrives promptly in beautiful bags and/or boxes.
I have definitely evolved with RuHH and Diya on my side. RuHH takes my ensembles to a totally new height. I consider myself lucky to have RuHH in my life.

 ~ Anu Varshney ,  Houston