Handcrafted Paisley neckwear with hand blown Turkish bead. A collection that celebrates  the Indian heritage.

$ 105.00


This is a handcrafted neckpiece in the shape of a in the shape of a Paisley. The gorgeous pendant is attached to a woven black cord to give it the neutral look. The pendant is accentuated with a hand blown Turkish bead ( optional colors available) drop. The pendant has the  much celebrated ancient Paisley motif or pattern that is used in weaves or jewelry designs specially in Persia, India and Europe.The Paisley pendant  is crafted with sterling silver and plated with 24K satin gold, makes for a  statement yet complete neckart.


Sterling silver (.925), 24K satin gold plating, Hand blown Turkish bead



With proper love and care, your RuHH will remain beautiful for years to come.

Store your jewelry in its own box/bag to prevent entangling, chipping, scratching and to protect it from humidity. Rubbing the jewelry with harsh fabric will damage the jewelry.  Do not allow your jewelry to come in contact with any chemicals, moisture or liquids. Silver will naturally  tarnish with time. Tarnish may be removed using a soft  anti-tarnish cloth. Avoid rubbing on satin gold polish, it erodes the polish.