These Nalini earrings (stud) depicts the growth from a seed to a fully bloomed flower.  Associated with purity and beauty, the lotus flower is mentioned in many religions around the world.

$ 89.00


A person’s path in life is said to be similar to that of the Lotus. Starting at the seed stage, early in the karmic cycle, through to that of a bud, emerging from the dirty water, representing a person following the path of spirituality and leaving attachment behind, and finally blossoming into a mature flower. This is how one attains salvation and leaves behind desires, the Path to achieved Nirvana.

The earrings represents the growth – from the tiniest of the seed to the full grown petals.  The handcrafted lotus stud earrings is made of sterling silver.


Sterling silver (.925)


37mm x 34mm



With proper love and care, your RuHH will remain beautiful for years to come.

Store your jewelry in its own box/bag to prevent entangling, chipping, scratching and to protect it from humidity. Rubbing the jewelry with harsh fabric will damage the jewelry.  Do not allow your jewelry to come in contact with any chemicals, moisture or liquids. Silver will naturally  tarnish with time. Tarnish may be removed using a soft  anti-tarnish cloth.