This Jamiti neckline is based on the shapes and symbols of sacred geometry. The confluence of asymmetry and symmetry in these designs is a reflection of balance and harmony.

$ 85.00


Everything turns in circles and spirals with the cosmic heart until infinity. Everything has a vibration that spirals inward or outward — and everything turns together in the same direction at the same time. This vibration keeps going: it becomes born and expands or closes and destructs — only to repeat the cycle again in opposite current. Like a lotus, it opens or closes, dies and is born again. Such is also the story of the sun and moon, of me and you. Nothing truly dies. All energy simply transforms in circles.

This Jamiti neckline designed with circles in different sizes is made with sterling silver, in two-tone satin finish (18K gold and silver), and accented with pearls. The pendants are attached to an adjustable in length Italian leather cords. Select your choice of color and add a note while checking out or email us directly with your order number!


Sterling silver, Pearls, Leather Cord


Two tone ( Gold & Silver )


Pendant, Leather cord -adjustable length

<p>With proper love and care, your RuHH will remain beautiful for years to come.</p>
<p>Store your jewelry in its own box/bag to prevent entangling, chipping, scratching and to protect it from humidity. Rubbing the jewelry with harsh fabric will damage the jewelry.  Do not allow your jewelry to come in contact with any chemicals, moisture or liquids. Silver will naturally  tarnish with time. Tarnish may be removed using a soft  anti-tarnish cloth. Avoid rubbing on satin gold polish, it erodes the polish.</p>