Like the flitting wings of the butterfly, like the simmering spectrum of the rainbow, like the glittering explosion of fireworks, ORI is about color and expression. Let ORI express the woman in you – the woman of many moods, the woman of many dimensions, the woman that is laughter and tears, caring and carefree…but, always colorful and glowing inside and out, like the rays of the sun, emerging in a dance of colors out of a prism.
ORI is about bringing out the colors of the RuHH within you.

ORI is a collection of statement 3 dimensional modular earrings, made with the finest sterling silver, enhanced with enamels in myriad hues. It can be worn as a light workwear and converted to a chic statement ear accessory for the evening.

Each element of ORI is handcrafted to perfection with responsible quality control. ORI has a copyright license under the United States Copyright Office, a department of the Library of Congress.

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