It’s all about Colors – ‘ORI’

It has been a constant effort to evolve and create newer stuff. With that in mind we are ready to launch another of our new and exclusive line. ‘ORI’

Colors that make up our life. Colors that are used to express our emotions and feelings. From earthy to rich, from warm to cool, from dark to light, from subtle to dramatic.

We now have these rich hues as a part of our new collection ‘ORI’. Ori is vibrant, it’s rich, it’s dramatic, it’s unique, its art infused in jewelry. Most importantly with Ori, we are here with our first and new enamel line. And of course, conceptualized and handcrafted in our studio in the U.S., with strict quality control.

ori technique

I thought it would worthwhile to write a little about enameling before the launch of our new line.

What is an enamel or enamelling?

Enameling is a decoration technique in which a typically composed powdered glass is fused to the underlaying metal, after having processed through various techniques. It is something that has been there through centuries. Enamel or cloisonné enameled jewelry was popular from as far back as the 13th and 11th century BC. It was more prevalent as a form of mosaic where the Egyptians decorated there royal artifacts with gemstones and glass colors. Early Romans also trued the enameling technique by fusing multicolored glass, also known as millefiori. It also flourished during the Byzantium era, and in the form of cloisonné. Champlevé form of enameling also reached its peak in the 12th century in the Rheno-Mosan region and Limoges (France). In India, the royal jewelers used gemstones, fused them with glass and colors in the form of enamels, popularly known in the region as Meenakari work. It lost its market around the 18th century but was revived again later in the late 19th, and reached its hiatus during the Neo-Renaissance and Art Nouveau periods. Of course, now it is a distinct art form that is used in jewelry design.

With its rich colors and variation and why not? So we thought it would be a wonderful idea to introduce colors into our jewelry line.

…And, with that evolved ‘ORI’