IRO to ORI – Short and Sweet!

Breathe in, Breathe out. We are almost there, to launch our new collection ‘ORI’ – a RuHH exclusive

What is ORI?

First things first – the name.

IRO in Japanese means colors. Excited that we were – back in April – while applying for our second copyright, we inadvertently spelt and reversed the name to ORI. The copyright granted and the certification showed ‘ORI’

What the heck! To err is human.  Well then, so what? Just spelt the other way round.

And…we stuck to ORI, short and sweet, and still meaning the same colors – albeit in reverse.

ORI is a range of 3 dimensional modular earrings. One that can be worn as a light workwear and switched to a chic statement ear accessory for the evening. It is completely handcrafted under strict quality control at our U.S studio. Sterling silver and enamel is what makes ORI unique and colorful.

ORI is our first enamel range that is perfect with your morning wear, as also for those eventful evening.  Pair it with a crisp linen monochrome shirt and presto… ORI adds just that much needed splotch of color to give you a look right off the runway. Boho yet chic!

Heading out right to a party with minimum time to spare for getting dressed. As quick as can be. A formal dress/ gown/ ethnic wear and your 3 dimensional earrings in all its splendor, completes the look.

…and believe you us. Number of looks in just a pair of earrings.

Excited….we are too!

Coming soon with ‘ORI’.

( Dress photo courtesy : google images)