RuHH means “the soul” in Persian. RuHH is my imagination, my will, my creation. RuHH reflects my freedom and spirit.

Nature surrounds us with a kaleidoscope of symmetrical and asymmetrical shapes, predictable and unpredictable colors, all coexisting amicably, within an endless continuum of creation and destruction, as a part of the cycle of life. A bohemian at heart, I let nature guide my creativity – the winds of change blow freshness into me, the storms dissipate their energy within me, and the rains that follow fill me with peace and calm.

A post graduate in business studies and communication,  I  looked for ways to express myself through art forms.  It was then that I decided to give up a longstanding career in Marketing & PR to follow my dreams.

And…RuHH evolved!

RuHH  is  a   jewelry brand that loves to dress up the woman in You. It is more than a mere adornment. It is  a statement, an expression that celebrates the woman you truly are.


Slide6RuHH Artwear – as we love to call it – is uniquely different and completely handcrafted. At the heart of RuHH is the ever- present asymmetry, never following any set pattern or rules, yet culminating  in an unusual symmetry. A touch of clean modern elegance married  to the essence of designs from traditional Asian craftsmanship revered by generations. Each creation is  enveloped in a narrative, a story that is to be lived. It is art that satiates the body, the mind and the soul – in unison.

Each line of jewelry is imagined and designed in our U.S based studio, and  manufactured here with responsible quality  standards.

We believe that RuHH is destined to find its rightful owner!

PS: I have always enjoyed an up-close and personal relationship with you. If you need to connect, I am reachable at :